Maintaining Your Teak Dining Table at Its Peak Condition


Everyone will agree that teak dining table is a great investment for the house. It is true that this piece of furniture is valued highly in the market. However, homeowner gains so much more than what they had paid in the first place. The wooden table will last for a really long time and can be passed to next generation. It also has aesthetic quality that cannot be compared with other wooden table. The question is, how can you maintain it at its top condition?

Teak Dining Table Maintenance Tips

The first maintenance for that needs to be done to ensure teak dining table is at top condition is regular cleaning. There is no need for special tools to do this activity. Simply mix mild dishwashing liquid with warm water according to formula of few tablespoons washing liquid to a gallon of water. It is important to use soft brush to avoid accidental scratches on table surface. Before trying to apply sealer, it is important to let the cleaned surface dries out first.

Another thing to be mindful of about maintaining the table at original condition is controlling exposure to sun and moisture. Natural oil within teak wood is preventing its quality from deteriorating. But if owner wants to maintain the original color of dining table, it is best to hide it from direct sunlight or water. Teak wood that experiences these exposures will turn color to silvery grey.

Polishing the teak dining table is a maintenance work that should be done to protect it. Owner is advised against oiling their teak wood furniture if it is placed indoor. Since the oil content within teak wood is already high, if its surface is polished by oil people who use the dining table will feel uncomfortable. The table surface will be very greasy with added oil. Instead of adding oil, it is suggested to use teak sealer for polishing. Sealer works as protective barrier to help decreasing oxidation process on the wood’s surface.

Even if your table is made of tough hardwood like teak, it is better to cover the surface with cloth or pad. It prevents the wood from getting direct contact of hot food. It also minimizes the chance from having food or drink spillage on to that beautiful dining table. Using plastic cover for teak dining table is not recommended because the material encourages the growth of mold.