Go for Fully Openable Balcony Glazing System


If you are staying in a high storeyed building, you might prefer to spend some time in your balcony. It is the right place to spend quality time with your family or close friends.

However, staying in an uncovered balcony may offer few risks particularly if you have young children or pets who may try to peep out. Therefore, if you cover your rõduklaasid (Meaning balcony windows) with glazing system, you can enjoy the view and at the same time make your balcony much safer. By providing glazing system you can also enhance the appearance of your home too. At the same time, you get covered protection from rain, wind, dirt and snow. It is the right place to keep your herbs or flowering plants too.

There are a number of ways to use the glazing system. It can either be in the form of openable window or fixed glazing.

Easy to maintain and use

If the glazing system is constructed properly by using rollers and profiles then you can easily move the glass whenever you need to open it in order to get fresh air into the house. Also, this kind of system is very easy to use and it can be easily closed and opened too. In case, you want to clean then you can open the glazed window and easily clean them.

Few advantages of balcony glazing system

Following are few advantages of balcony glazing system –

  • This enables you to use your balcony all through the year in every season
  • Your balcony remains well protected from rain, dirt, snow or wind from outside
  • Surrounding noise cannot enter your balcony and thus reduces the noise level
  • Your balcony becomes safe and secured for young children and pets.
  • Birds cannot enter into your balcony
  • You get an additional useful place in your home
  • Your house offers a luxurious look.

By having suitable glazed system, you can easily blend your balcony nicely with the surroundings of your building. The overall look of your building will also improve with the presence of glazed balcony. Any ordinary home can also look extraordinary with this addition. You need to take help of a good contractor who can engineer the whole glazing system in a perfect manner.

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